Need Shelter Now? Raising the Roof

Much has been written on the subject of homelessness in Canada and around the world. We encourage our donators, sponsors and anyone interested in our work to learn more about the subject. We recommend the following links as sources of information, and examples of the kind of thinking on homelessness that drives our work at Dawn to Dawn.

Housing First

Dawn to Dawn is guided by the principles of Housing First, an approach to ending homelessness that centers on quickly providing homeless people with housing and then providing additional services as needed.

The Homeless Hub – Canada’s place for information on homelessness. Follow this link for information on Housing First

Pathways to Housing – The pioneers of Housing First

Harm Reduction

A Housing First model says it doesn’t matter if a homeless person is sober or wet, what’s most important is that they are housed. That makes harm reduction an important part of ending homelessness

Ministry of Health Harm Reduction Page – For information on BC’s approach to Harm Reduction

Canadian Harm Reduction Network – the virtual meeting place for individuals and organizations dedicated to reducing the social, health and economic harms associated with drugs and drug policies

Some Definitions

Housing Glossary – For definitions of common terms in homelessness literature, policy and research



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