Need Shelter Now? Raising the Roof

Residential Program

The Residential Program is an effective and efficient strategy for addressing homelessness in the Comox Valley. Dawn to Dawn enters into tenancy agreements with landlords who have available market housing. We become the tenant, and take responsibility for the units, including furnishing and household goods, establishing rental payments and connecting utilities like Hydro. We then place people in need into those homes. Residents are supported by an outreach worker, who assists residents in becoming settled and establishing the sort of routines that create stable living. Rent is paid by the Ministry of Social Development, with Dawn to Dawn receiving the housing portion of the monthly Social Assistance payment from each resident in the program.

The program works because it provides the landlord with a stable renter, and it provides homeless or at-risk individuals and families with the shelter they need to begin working towards independent living. Dawn to Dawn is the intermediary that finds clients and matches them with an appropriate residence, connects clients with any social services they need or want, and handles all the responsibilities of a tenant under the BC Housing Act.


Are you interested in becoming a landlord in the Residential Housing Program? Please contact for more information.