Gukwa̱li da Wag̱alus

Gukwa̱li da Wag̱alus – The Rainbow House

Building Safer Spaces: Together

Dawn to Dawn in partnership with the K’omoks First Nation aims to provide transitional housing for 2SLGBTQIA+ youth in our community.
We call this project Rainbow House or Wagalus Gukw.


“Two spirit people in our community and their non-indigenous peers in our Valley need
our help and they need it now, we are delighted to join with Dawn to Dawn to address this real and growing issue. This issue belongs to
both our communities and it is fitting that we jointly build Rainbow House/Wagalus
Gukw. This home will offer a safe, secure and culturally appropriate place for these
young people to flourish. It is time for action!”
-Hegus (Chief) Niclole Rempel.


A recent BC Housing study has confirmed what many have known for some time:
More and more people are experiencing homelessness in British Columbia.
The best estimates we have suggest that since 2018 rates of homelessness have risen 11.5% in BC; 12.8% in the Comox Valley; And 43.2% in Campbell River.
(The Homelessness Services Association of BC (2021). 2020/21 Report on Homeless Counts in B.C. Prepared for
BC Housing. Burnaby, BC.)


“These young people in our community often face greater levels of homelessness than
their peers,and they can be shunned by family, and are wary of shelters for their personal safety. These young folks, both
indigenous and non-indigenous, are falling through the cracks.”
-Grant Shilling, Community Outreach


This underlines the desdperate need for transitional housing in our local community.
Dawn to Dawn and the K’omoks First Nation see this need directly and most keenly in the lives of local 2SLGBTQIA+ youth.
Young people are some of those most affected by the growing wealth gap in Canada, their risk of becoming unhoused is greater when holding marginalised identities, even moreso when holding several of these identites.
Rainbow House will provide a stable place for these young people to rest, connect and find support.

We need your help.
To spread the word;
To support those in need;
To fund Rainbow House;
Donate Today.


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