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Street Soccer

Maple Pool United Est. 2012

A scorching hot day at Maple Pool Campground. Connie cuts watermelon on a picnic table under a shade tent as a soccer ball sails by her head. Connie remains cool as a cucumber. James, the goalkeeper grabs another ball by the tent and rejoins the game. Dave gets the errant ball that has headed toward a trailer. This is how Dave helps game in and game out.

Cathy sets off on her scooter to recruit a couple of more players for the game while a few others return from a cool dip in the river and get set to rejoin the action. Maple Pool United grew out of pride of place and a desire for healthier habits. It provides the residents of Maple Pool and others on the fringes of society, the free range people a chance to exercise, socialize, have fun and take part in competition. Many players have said they come away from games with a sense of contribution and hope.

The heart of these get togethers is Maple Pool Campground owner Jin Lin and the meals she provides at the end of every practice. For the first year Jin even played goal for our team including a gruelling seven game, one day tourney in Kelowna. We have since sent players to consecutive Street Soccer World Championships in Mexico, Poland and Chile.

The Maple Pool United street soccer program was developed eight years ago in response to the threat of Maple Pool Campground being closed down. The team is the equivalent of a Harlem Globetrotters basketball team where it can be demonstrated that good results can come out of perceived trouble spots. The soccer team contributed to a sense of pride of place.

Recently MPU has been travelling to Denman Island to participate in games there , have an outing, meet new people and spend time in a peaceful, rural setting.

Street Soccer offers an opportunity for goal setting, fitness feedback, creating healthy habits and most important FUN!

The main goal however is participation or as Coach Grant says: If You’re Playing, You’re Winning!

Donate: $25 buys healthy snack for one practice.

$35 pays for field rental.

$100 will purchase 2 pairs of new cleats.

$500 will outfit the team in new soccer uniforms.

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A donation of


Will outfit the soccer team with new uniforms