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Dawn to Dawn directly helps individuals, one by one, by taking direct action to solve immediate problems.Our outreach worker Grant Shilling is the heart of the society. For eight years he has honoured and served his ‘peeps’ by listening to their stories in order to discover their needs. Seeing people as equals, without judgement, Dawn to Dawn looks to challenge perceptions about homelessness.

Dawn to Dawn is a Comox Valley grassroots organization, low on bureaucracy and focused on action. Since the start of the Residential Program in April 2009, we have housed 200+ individuals and families who are unhoused and ensured they have the housing they need to create stability in their lives. Many of our folks have gone on to gain their independence, and find long-term housing of their own.

Homelessness happens in many ways. Job loss, an incredibly tight housing marker, mental health problems, and substance abuse are just a few of the reasons people and families find themselves without a home to call their own. It doesn’t matter how people became homeless; everyone is better able to move forward in their lives if they are housed. That means combining that housing with services in the areas of mental and physical health, substance abuse, education, and employment

The residential program provides three different types of housing: a scattered housing model offering subsidized market housing and subsidized condo units owned and operated by Dawn to Dawn.

Once housed, clients are provided with the services they need to gain their independence and self actualize. This could be jobs or skills training, mental and physical health treatment. Dawn to Dawn has also developed an extensive recreation program that serves to provide joy and connection for both those we house and folks still on the street. Recreational programming includes street soccer, yoga, art activities, indigenous learning, cedar weaving, bowling and gym socials.

Housing is a basic human necessity, and the foundation of good health, personal security, and stable communities. Imagine what your life would be like without a place to sleep, eat meals, shower, or relax. Our goal is a community where everyone has a place to call home, and access to the services that allow them to be a fully participating member of our community.
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D2D is a charitable organization in the Comox Valley.

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