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Interview Collection

Interview Collection

Here you will find an updating list of our audio interviews in one easy collection.

We firmly believe that to share our message of collective action, we must amplify it through every medium we can.

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CBC Interview with Grant and Sabel

In this piece, our interviewer Rohit investigates the need for new transitional developments on Vancouver Island.

We speak to the immediacy of this need and the risk of unstable housing to the youths in our communities.

The Ranger Cabin Podcast with Zac Whyte

Today we sit fireside with street outreach worker, author, and community facilitator Grant Shilling to discuss solutions to the growing homelessness issues across Canada, using my hometown as an example. Grant is a warm spirit. We get a small snapshot of his childhood in Toronto, a story about smuggling surfboards into Gaza and caught up to his latest work on a small housing project for queer and Indigenous youth. Keep your fire hot!

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