No One Should Be Homeless


Sometimes support is warm and fuzzy

Meet Anthony. For many years Anthony has struggled with an inoperable brain tumour. As a result Anthony suffers chronic pain, having his sleep limited to sitting upright in a chair and having his teeth removed in a failed attempt to bring some pain relief. Anthony is an incredibly stoic individual who looks to be helpful . Housed by Dawn to Dawn Anthony likes to give back. For a long time Anthony found great satisfaction in being helpful with home repairs on Dawn to Dawn suites . Unfortunately the pain has become so great that he can no longer offer his services. A sense of not being able to feel helpful has often seen Anthony slip into dark despair. Wanting some one or something to care about was his one goal. Anthony wanted a dog.

After much searching and working with Grant our Dawn to Dawn outreach worker Anthony found his hearts desire.

Meet Maui. This lovely lab/border collie cross puppy has served as a lifeline for Anthony. “I now have a reason to get up in the morning and someone who can give me unconditional love. With out a doubt Maui has saved my life.Thanks to Dawn to Dawn for making this possible.”




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