Need Shelter Now? Raising the Roof

Planting Seeds of Hope

Dawn to Dawn Action on Homelessness has started work on its new community garden.

Located near the intersection of Grant Ave and Cumberland Rd in Courtenay, the site behind the School Board offices will one day be home to a new RCMP detachment. As there is no firm timeline for the project, the City of Courtenay has agreed to let the garden go ahead, at least for one summer.

Thanks to a grant from the Home Depot Canada Foundation and generous in-kind donations from Vancouver lsland Enterprises, Slegg Lumber and Cumberland Concrete, Dawn to Dawn has the initial supplies needed to build six raised planting beds of 24×6 feet.

“The main benefit is that many of our homeless people who we house through our residential program live in apartments and they do like to spend time outside, so this will give them some place to go,” explained Dawn to Dawn chair, Michael Bergob.

“It’s located near the Sonshine Soup Kitchen and we’re hoping with the food that they’re able to produce for themselves that they get a sense of accomplishment and a sense of independence, but we’re also hoping if we grow enough food we can donate it to the Sonshine Soup Kitchen which gives them the sense of giving back to the community that has supported them so much.”

An initial work party went ahead in unexpected sunshine on Sunday. A core group of volunteers came out from the Courtenay Home Depot store and Dawn to Dawn.

Any gardeners or people with plants, seedlings or seeds to donate are invited to drop by over the coming weeks as the gardent takes shape.

“With your support, this community garden will make an important difference in the lives of the homeless and near homeless, through the provision of fresh, locally grown produce,” Bergob said.


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